07 March 2009


Now my son has walking pneumonia. I have no idea how he got it because with me being sick lately, he hasn't really gone anywhere.

Please keep us all in your prayers...a Chaplet of Divine Mercy would be wonderful!!

02 March 2009

My friend Job

Went to the doctor today. The MD kind, not DC.

I have strep.

I've never had strep before, but now, on top of all the other nasty things I have been dealing with since November, I have a "nasty case" of strep! Before the assistant even swabbed my throat, she said she would be surprised if I didn't have strep since I was the worst she's seen yet this year...and there were already four other positive cases before me that morning.

Just happened that my husband was with me since we had much running to do. My aunt was watching the kids.

As soon as the assistant left the room after confirming I had tested positive for strep, I hung my head and said to my husband, "God is trying to kill me."

He said, "If God wanted you dead...."

I know, woe is me. *Violins playing sympathetic music*

To top it off, I have been dealing with my son and daughter being sick all weekend. My daughter was well enough to send to school for her first day (which went very well!), but my son is miserable.

Both kids get tested tomorrow for strep. I hope they don't have it.

I dread telling my daughter's teacher that on my daughter's first day, I sent her to school with strep. Not something that is going to win me any brownie points.

On the VERY bright side, my ears are getting better and better. Still ringing and driving me crazy, but not as bad as they had been.

Conclusion: There is a God and maybe he doesn't want to kill me, He's just letting me know He's there.

And, what was that quote by St. Teresa...something along the lines of the reason Jesus doesn't have many friends is because He treats them in this manner!!!