24 April 2009

A few things

Wow. It's been a long time since I last posted!!

I am doing OK, hanging in there as I frequently say lately. I GREATLY appreciate all the prayers and hope you don't tire of keeping me in your intentions. Thank you all very much...I've received many well wishes and am very grateful for all your kind thoughts and prayers!!

Secondly, please keep my husband's uncle in your prayers. He isn't supposed to make it through the day - he's dying of emphysema. May God have mercy on him.

UPDATE: Uncle Doug passed away early Saturday morning. Please pray for the repose of his soul.

Lastly, Vincenzo, a dear albeit insane friend, nominated me for a Cannonball award. Last year I was nominated in Best Underappreciated Blog. This year, V nominated me in the category of Best Blog in Need of Updating, or some such thing. The Crescat is still taking nominations until May 1. After that, let 'er rip and vote...you can even vote for my blog in this back-handed compliment category...if anyone is still reading my blog after my long absence *sigh* Sorry for being scarce. Discerning whether or not I can, or even desire, to keep blogging.

Oh, and check out the above blogs...and nominate your favorites...and then make sure you vote early and often!!! At least this year no one can use "Father Z wins everything" as an excuse...seems he's been banned for being too popular...to have such problems....


mum6kids said...

Hey Swissy! You're back! And of course more prayers and for your uncle.
Loads of blessing from God (big dollop loads)

Christine from Maryland said...

Hallelujah, you're back! The prayers have worked. Have a glorious Easter season!

swissmiss said...

Thank you both for your prayers...I'm still in need of them. My MIL has been here for about two months helping out. My homeschool friends have been bringing meals and lots of people have been praying. Such blessings at a tough time!!!

Vincenzo said...

YAY YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Swissy...you've been and continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!