31 May 2007

Some vast SOVII-wing conspiracy

AP Photo/L'Osservatore Romano

Seems the folks at Spirit of Vatican II have sent a spy out, prowling about the world, seeking the ruin of less than par SOVII blogs. My poor blog was rated PH, C and T. Which stands for Phariseeism, Clericalism, Traditionalism.

My rebuttal:
PH - Heck, I'm not even Jewish, so how can I be a Pharisee?
C - Likewise, I'm not a priest so how can I be "clerical," unless you are trying to oppress and subjugate me by assuming I'm a secretary.
T - Ummmm.

One day, I hope to have all the letters of the alphabet.

Visit SOVII, cum grano salis.
Verbum sapienti sat est.
(There, how's that for funny language?)

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