30 June 2008

Is it that obvious?

It was an incredibly busy week, filled with lots of prayers for friends and family. Fortunately, everyone seems to be doing well. Thanks be to God!

Spent some time at Sam's Club over the weekend and ran into a lady from church. I don't personally know this family, but have seen them at Mass. It's hard not to notice them, since they have, literally, about a dozen kids. Today, that's unusual. I didn't think she would know who I was since we blend into the parish wood work with our two kids.

But, as I was paging through the workbooks for children that they carry at Sam's, I was aware that someone I didn't know was standing next to me. Being "in the zone" while I was looking at the books, I thought the person next to me was getting a little close, but was conversing with whomever they were with.

Suddenly, and without provocation, I was whacked on the arm. It was the lady from church AND she had been trying to carry on a conversation with me. Good grief. I think she had finally gotten tired that I was ignoring her. *Cringe*

She whacked me on the arm and said, "You homeschool, right?"

It's kind of a grey area at the moment, since I plan to "officially" start in the fall. But, how did she know?

On the way out of the store, I asked my husband if he didn't think it was a little odd that people seem to know that I'm a homeschooling mom, or at least getting close to the point of no return.

Sweet hubby replied, "Well, you all look alike."
Confused, I said, "What do you mean, 'We all look alike'?"
"You all look alike."
I concluded, "It must be the fifth eye."
"You mean third eye."
"No, fifth eye. There are supposedly two others on the back on my head and the new one in the middle of my forehead."

See, it has nothing to do with denim jumpers.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

LOL Kit -we have the eyes!
I also think we all look alike because we all live in the same alternative reality.

Oh and as you are on the edge of homeschooling I just have to say
"But how will they be socialised?"

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

WHY did I call you Kit? This is being a homeschool mum and doing too many things at once!
Sorry. :)

gemoftheocean said...

I regularly assist at Mass. That alone keeps me from flipping people off in traffic....

Ray from MN said...

LJ -- LJ -- LJ

Kit Brookside said...

LOL WSNS! Maybe your "fifth eye" has seen that I am prepared at any moment to yank my 10 year old and homeschool her should the upcoming school year (at a public middle/jr high school with a tough, "urban" reputation) prove to be difficult or detrimental to her.

Knowing that she needs a certain level of expertise in learning both study and social skills and strategies that will help her deal with her Asperger's Syndrome is the only reason she's going.

The local quasi-Catholic schools do little or nothing to work with these kids in the hopes that parents will not burden them with these issues, so I have little choice - the area is small enough that there aren't enough private resources near enough to compensate for what she'd miss if I DON'T send her.

We shall see.