25 August 2008

I almost miss Howard

Now that the Olympics are done and I've cleared my computer of the nasty virus, I turned on the TV to find every channel is talking about the Democratic National Convention starting today.

I have an aunt who follows politics religiously, with her Friday nights spent watching the political programs on PBS and Sunday mornings consumed with surfing between the channels and all their political insiders commenting on every little nuance. The threat of seeing James Carville is enough for me to not even risk turning on the TV.

I have cousins who are very politically active, primarily in Democratic politics.

Some relatives even in politics - a shirt tail relation, North Dakota senator Dorgan, along with a Wisconsin State Rep.

For me, I just wanted Good Morning America to quit with the DNC coverage this morning and cut to the chase. I needed to know who the new cast of Dancing with the Stars was going to be!

Kind of slim pickin's this season, but GO ROCCO!!

Let all the news reporters worry about what Michelle Obama is wearing and how the Clintons are gritting their teeth, give me a simple competition without the mud slinging and polls.

Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order. ~Samuel Beckett

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