14 August 2008

Road trip

Seeing as I successfully survived Vacation Bible School (as one of the moms said, we might not have thrived, but we survived...Amen...Alleluia) we are planning to take the kids to Chicago.


Oh, and my mother-in-law is coming too. Always interesting.

Plans are to meet up with Ma Beck at St. John Cantius (SJC) on Sunday. The parish is having its festival and there is an airshow featuring the BLUE ANGELS in Chicago that we can watch from the church. A polish, a pint and planes...God is good!!

I haven't been to a good airshow since we moved back from Washington.

I think hubby may love planes as much as he loves me. But, then there is the State Fair coming up soon and I love mini-doughnuts as much as I love my hubby, so that evens things out.

On Monday, we are heading to Six Flags just north of Chicago. One day of total chaos. Now that I have hit my mid-life stride, I can't handle rides like I used to. Will have to stick to the kiddie rides with my daughter.

Then home again on Tuesday.

If VBS wasn't enough, I'm the one that drives in our family, so I get to drive from the Twin Cities to Chicago and back. Maybe I will forego the Coke products at SJC and indulge in a beer. Or two. Hubby's family is completely Polish, so we should fit right in. (Actually, they are Germans that settled in modern day Poland and my FIL proudly claims he's 100% German...but I like to tease about the Polish.)


Adoro said...


Give Ma Beck a HUGE hug and a hello for me, have a beer with her for me, and let her know that if I do make a road trip to Ohio then I hope to meet her when passing through Chicago, either coming or going!

swissmiss said...

Will say hi to Ma Beck from you and Cathy (she sent me a message on Facebook). I'm excited to see SJC and spend some time with Ma and Pa and see how Mary has grown.

Didn't you just do a trip to OH? You haven't even unpacked yet and you're going back ;-}

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh, I can't wait for y'all to get here!

(Was at Mass today and could see some of the planes zooming by while outside. And BOY was it loud during Mass. And the Blue Angels aren't even in town yet!)


Mairin :o) said...

Have a great trip! My husband is German and Polish. When I told my Dad he said, "Well, that's ok, I guess!" I couldn't find a good Irish boy.

swissmiss said...

Counting down! Can't wait to get there and get out of Dodge.

Thanks, Mairin. I hope we survive the trip with the kids...it's a long drive. My son is very excited to see Six Flags, so not much could ruin it for him :)

Adoro te Devote said...

Well...I WANT to go back...if I can figure out how and get the money, etc ect! lol

Kit said...

Have a BLAST! And say hi to Ma for me too, please!

(No time to get to SJC while I was home last weekend...went to the hometown parish instead)