22 February 2009

Sweet Little Jesus

I stopped by to visit the Carmelite Hermits today to give them an update on my condition since I received the Anointing of the Sick two weekends ago. It was a much nicer visit from my point of view since I was feeling better.

Two weekends ago, just as Father finished anointing me, my son said, "That was a stupid prayer." *Cringe* I don't think my son liked to see that his mom was sick and people were praying...this was his response to the situation.

Today, however, he redeemed himself. He's quite the little singer, making up lullabies for his sister each day at nap time and also singing her a lullaby before bed. While my husband and I were trying to talk to Brother Joseph, my son was sitting next to Brother and started singing. We couldn't really understand what he was singing since it was an original score, so Brother asked him. "The Glory of God," replied my son.

Ah, bonus points for that! I thought it was going to be a song about how Megatron and the Autobots were killing each other.

Brother Joseph is quite a singer himself, teaching chant to various Carmelite orders and offered to sing us a song he had written himself. It was very sweet and tender and really provides a peak at Brother's interior life. Here are the lyrics...Brother provided me the original copy of the music he wrote for it too, but will have to scan that later. It's really a Christmastime song, so you have time to learn it before December rolls around again.

1. Sweet Little Jesus
When Mary gave You birth,
Heavenly Angels
Sang us "Peace on Earth."

2. Sweet Little Jesus
Held gently on the breast
Of Your sweet Mother,
Mary, Virgin Blest.

3. Sweet Little Jesus
St. Joseph held You too,
Always adoring,
Wholly loving You.

4. Sweet Little Jesus
Poor Shepherds came to You,
Hearts full of wonder,
At their Shepherd True.

5. Sweet Little Jesus
Given Your Holy Name,
And all who love it,
Feel a Living Flame.

6. Sweet Little Jesus
Presented to the Lord;
Raised up by Simeon,
Anna, too, adored.

7. Sweet Little Jesus,
Three Wise Men from afar
Find You, True Wisdom,
Guided by Your Star.

8. Sweet Little Jesus
Rescued from Herod's harm;
Fleeing to Egypt,
Safe in St. Joseph's arm.

9. Sweet Little Jesus
Returned to Palestine;
Living most hidden,
For You our hearts pine.

10. Sweet Little Jesus
Still with us even now;
Hid in the Euch'rist
Though we know not how.

11. Sweet Little Jesus
Coming in us to dwell;
Sweetest Communion:
Our Emmanuel!

12. Sweet Little Jesus
Our hearts we give to You;
Take them and keep them
Faithful unto You.
Copyright, Carmelite Hermitage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

He also wrote the following, which I told him proved he's not a Franciscan.

Listen companion,
You know as well as I,
That we are both doomed
Not again to fly!

That's right, you know, then
What shall become of us;
Well, let us go, then,
Joyful, without fuss!

These two that take us,
With their Sweet Little Boy,
Will so employ us,
That the world find joy.

Look her comes Simeon,
Hear what he says to them;
This Babe we'll die for
Is a special Gem!

Ah, yes I see now,
She is so beautiful,
Yet She must suffer,
That that joy be full.

What does it matter,
Broke' neck or holocaust,
Shed blood or burnt up,
Let's not count the cost!

Come, then, together,
For them we both shall die
Then for all Ages
We shall truly fly!
Copyright, Carmelite Hermitage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Wonder if it was that stupid prayer that helped?