26 August 2009


or not?

Just a curious thought I had the other night.

I've been very busy with a large variety of things, so haven't been blogging much. As my father, the swearing saint would say, I've been hellishly busy. (I think he must've spent some time in Purgatory with a clothes pin on his lips for his colorful language...but he was a sailor!)

Anyway, I was at my alma mater, the local CINO university, taking care of a few things and using their computers. Hubby and the kids were with me, and after I finished my work, we walked around campus a bit.

We found ourselves in the building containing the post office boxes. Even in this digital world, I think all students are still assigned a PO box, as I was back in the day before anyone had e-mail. Heck, we used Lotus 123, if we used a computer at all. People had a VAX account, but no one used them.

I stopped at my old PO box, which is now in the basement of the student union and tried my old combo. Right, left, right...open.

Yep, after over 20 YEARS, my combination still works on my old PO box.

Somethings never change.

Funny how much of the university has.


Mairin :o) said...

I can't believe you remember the combination!

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

VAx? Which flavor? I've done FORTRAN & C programming under VMS, and I still think it had the best OPSYS scripting language.

swissmiss said...

Back in the day, everyone checked their PO like folks today check their e-mail, so the combination was burned into my brain much like a computer password. It's just one of those things I remember! Plus, it was an easy combo to remember.

AA: Um, I never used VAX to really even know what it is/was. I thought it was like having an old version of e-mail. I didn't know you programmed with it. Hubby had to program with Fortran, being behind him in school, I had C++

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I remember the VAX. Oh yes. Email was starting to take off when I was there but I still checked my PO box (same school as Swissy) daily. I can't remember my box number much less my combo!

What would have been really creepy would be if there was one letter inside addressed to YOU! Bwah-ha-ha!

Happy Feast of St. Monica!

swissmiss said...

I thought you were a Katie? I went to the other CINO university in town.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I was/am. Oh! Ok, never mind but the rest of what I said is still true! lol

Sanctus Belle said...

Yeah I was a Katie along with Cathy I remember WHERE my PO would be but would never be able to remember the combo. You must have gone to St. Thomas then...I didn't realize it too was CINO. Strange how the college is CINO but the seminary is filled to the brim and known and being to orthodox - or am I wrong??

Ray from MN said...

My sister is a postmaster and my brother is a postal executive.

I do believe that there must be some postal regulation that you have demolished by opening a mail box no longer your own.

Watch for those Postal Inspectors! They're mean.

swissmiss said...

Well, it is was summer and no student was assigned to it. It was empty. Maybe that hels mitigate the offense. Hope I don't have to add this to my list of things for confession!