29 October 2009

Hockey moms go to Heaven

Yes, we skip Purgatory altogether.

I'm not even a real hockey mom, not yet anyway. I just take my son skating since he's been on the ice a total of three times. But, in that time I have had the personal and vivid revelation that all activities and functions related to a mom taking her son to hockey are directly credited to any time due in Purgatory.

This morning I had to roll both kids out of bed (since my daughter needs to tag along), get them dressed while they were in a groggy, sleepy stupor, and pull most of my son's hockey gear on him, before we raced out the door during rush hour headed toward the hockey arena, which is half an hour away.

Once at the rink, I had to somehow finish getting the suitcase-worth of equipment affixed to my son. Lacing up skates is definitely an "offer it up" occasion.

Ditto for sitting around in a cold rink for 90 minutes.

I'm certain there must be a lost book of the bible that mentions saintly hockey moms.

Oh, this applies to dads too, especially the super saintly ones who try to help my little guy. I think they get 2-for-1 Purgatory credits.

Did I tell you that doing papier mache at home for art also counts toward time off in Purgatory? Truth be told, I'd rather lace up skates.

[Artwork: "Moose". Moose has to dry for a few days before it will be painted]


mum6kids said...

LOL. There needs to be a list of Mum indulgences I reckon.
Potty training should get us nearer those pearly gates for a start.
Three kids at once sitting on your lap for story and a teenager tripping over toys. (that's a partial)
Any craft activity that involves glue, glitter or chalk.
There must be more...
Nice moose btw :))

swissmiss said...

I think sleep deprivation and nursing round the clock count too. We're using Artistic Pursuits for art and are a bit behind because I got delayed on making a fresco panel for my son to paint. First I didn't have spackle then hubby recycled my cardboard! I don't know why my son wanted to make a moose out of paper mache and I hope to never have to use that stuff again...wet, messy and unfun!

Oh, and teaching phonics has to count triple.