23 October 2009

It's a mad, mad World's Fair

What I remember from last night's World's Fair; I thought it was just me.

Similarly, I also used to like John Cusack until his politics went.off.the.deep.end.

And Richard Gere.

It was a great evening, with very nice presentations and good food. The kids presented countries from nearly every continent (North America was not represented). One mom suggested that next time we pick a state and bring our favorite fast food. I second that.

Our country was Switzerland. I made Swiss Kugel, which was just OK. Trader Joe's made the nut torte I brought for dessert. There's only so many hours in the day.


Vincenzo said...

I don't know what Kugel is but now I want a nut torte.

swissmiss said...

There are many forms of kugel. The one I made had diced yukon potatoes, swiss cheese, onions, flour, cream and salt/pepper. It was my third or fourth idea of a food to bring. First was rosti, but don't have a special kartoffel (potato) slicer and couldn't find the pre-made rosti patties in the store (although I had seen them somewhere), second was fondue, but I couldn't find a fondue pot, third was Alpenmacaronen (sp?) which is just a potato and macaroni hot dish (casserole). So, I settled on the kugel. Everything was really good!

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I don't know what it's technically called, but what is the diocese which serves the US Military?