19 August 2010


Mum of Six tagged me ages ago for this and I was too busy with all my devotions to get to it until now. Yup.

My Five Favorite Devotions
1. Chaplet of St. Philomena
2. Rosary
3. Novena to the Poor Souls in November
4. Divine Mercy
5. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Chris said...

Being Catholic is SO cool! I hadn't even heard of #1 and #3. Why did I waste all those years being Protestant when Catholics have so many fabulous ways to pray?!?


swissmiss said...


Hubby and I say the chaplet to St. Philomena each night.

But I have a funny story about the November novena. The info I have on it suggests you say it in a cemetery. When I lived in WA State, I visited the nearby cemetery to say my prayers. Not wanting to look odd by walking around aimlessly, I went to the far back corner to be alone, out of the way and to concentrate. Half way through the novena, which I was saying out loud to keep focused (mind wandering is so hard!!), a transient man appeared out of the hedges, I think surprised to see some weird lady standing there with a rosary praying. Needless to say, he scared me to death...no pun intended. He just walked off, I think I was disturbing his nap.

Anonymous said...


I walk around with my (7sorrows) rosary all day because my brain wont let me remember what I am praying about half the time. How people who don't use 'stuff' to help them get prayers said is a mystery to me.