27 February 2008

Change of address card needed

Someone should let Don King know he needs to update his addresses for his Christmas card list.

I have no idea what the Minnesota Wild were thinking when they made a trade where they got Chris Simon in the deal. Like Don King's ex-choir boy, Mike Tyson, Chris Simon is another goon who can't seem to fight fair. The neanderthal has been suspended eight times in 15 years as a pro. He's THAT guy who whacked opposing player (Ryan Hollweg) in the face with his stick last year. Not just a little elbow that you might expect, but a cheap hatchet job.

Oh, and then he stepped on the foot of other player. If ya can't beat 'em fair and square, I guess yous have to cheat.

It's a good thing sweet little ol' Bobby Smith (above) retired a long time ago, cuz this thug would've killed him.

I don't know why the Wild don't send their scouts to the set of American Gladiator to look for some prospects.

And, as long as I'm on the topic. What's the deal with the Vikings' Bryant McKinnie? Is Minnesota just the catch-all for professional bullies?

Sorry. Had to vent.

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Cathy_of_Alex said...

For the record: I don't like Don King's hair.