28 February 2008

Tossing "talking about touching" into the round file

For any parents of younger children, this may be of interest to you. I received the e-mail below and thought I'd pass it along.

Also, in the St. Paul/Minneapolis Archdiocese, you can also check out the "All in God's Plan" series offered at many parishes this year. From their website:

All In God's Plan is a three-part program for children and their parents. Each program is age-specific and intended to assist families in teaching youth about God's gift of human sexuality and the sacredness of human life, along with the importance of family. These programs are designed to foster communication between the child and the parent and to reinforce a positive family life.


Dear Friends,

It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the publication
of Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents, a free, fully Catholic,
one-on-one, parent-to-student human sexuality curriculum just
released by the internationally recognized chastity expert Dr.
Richard Wetzel. This is the course Dr. Wetzel put together to teach
his own late-adolescent children. It is only available as a free
download from our website.

Dr. Wetzel is the author of the "incalculably valuable book" Sexual
Wisdom: A Guide for Parents, Young Adults, Educators and
Physicians. Please note however that while that book was written
for a secular audience, this new curriculum is distinctly Catholic.

The course introduction to parents begins as follows:

The Holy Roman Catholic Church teaches that parents are the primary
sexuality educators of their children (see The Truth and Meaning of
Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family [1995]
by the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family). This is a
challenging obligation for which, unfortunately, there are
relatively few available aids. Most Catholic resources on sexuality
education are either geared toward a classroom or group presentation
or to an age group too young for a full exploration of the issues.
Other resources include short books which are heavily weighted
toward a more general education on the faith but which offer little
education in Catholic sexuality, are not faithful to the magisterial
teachings of Mother Church, or are too dated to address some of the
current issues young Catholics face. As a Catholic chastity
educator for the last 20 years, I felt that none of the available
materials were the best possible option for my own children; so I
wrote this course for them. I am now presenting this course to the
public, for what benefit it may be to others. It is a true gift to
me each time I teach it to one of my children.

Please forward this email to anyone in your address book
or "Facebook" whom you believe might be interested in this
extraordinary and unique new product. If you are involved with
producing a magazine or newsletter, or have an Internet website
please consider running a review of this course, an announcement
about it or a link to it. If you are connected with a Catholic
school or Catholic home schooling community please consider
forwarding this email to those in your school. If you are involved
in Catholic parish or diocesan work please spread the word about
this resource.

The late Alan Guttmacher, past president of Planned Parenthood,
promised in 1979 that, "the only avenue in which Planned Parent­hood
has to win the battle is sex education." Over the last 30 years,
through classroom sex education courses, the liberals have
definitely held the upper hand. We pray that through this
curriculum and through the efforts of other chastity educators we
can create a dramatic, effective and sustained counterattack in this
battle for the hearts and minds of our children.

Also please note that we are continuing our free book offer. We
will send boxes of Sexual Wisdom books to any NFP educator, priest,
religious or health care worker upon request at no cost. The books
may be distributed at NFP classes, sold by pro-NFP businesses,
ministries, or bookstores, or donated to libraries. They may also
be given as gifts to speakers at pro-life functions, teaching
faculty, priests, physicians, elected officials, or to staff
members, board members and/or administrators of pro-life
apostolates, or to parish or diocesan staff.

For more information about these programs please visit our website
at www.sexualwisdom.com

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