20 March 2008

And all the trophies go to...

Vincenzo pointed out that Father Z pretty much ran away with all the trophies this year. He should really be docked about 100 votes in each category just to give some other blogs a chance.

After Vincenzo mentioned the awards, I went to check to see how I did. Turns out a few people actually voted for me! Thank you very much. I am genuinely stunned!!

I was nominated in: The Smartest Catholic Blog and The Most Spiritual Catholic Blog

Thank you to whomever nominated and voted for me! (V admitted he nominated and voted for me in the Smartest category).

But to be nominated in the Most Spiritual category? Seriously? I certainly wouldn't describe myself like that, not hardly. Sanctus Belle's blog, Our Lady's Tears, now there's a spiritual blog. Beautiful.

I do have to let my inner nerd show a bit and say that in the Smartest category I received 4 out of a total of 1090 votes. Which is .37%, just over a third of one percent. Wooo hooo! I faired much better in the Most Spiritual category, garnering 6 of 952 votes cast for .63%...nearly double my Smartest percentage. That's almost two-thirds of one percent. Shazam!

Look out Father Z, there's always next year.


Sanctus Belle said...

A very kind thing to say! May the Lord bless you!

Anonymous said...

It was me.

Your blog posts show that you have a very deep and well developed spirituality--you truly believe--I very much enjoy reading your posts--you should have won!

swissmiss said...

Sanctus Belle:
You know I love your blog :)

Thank you so much! That was very kind. Lately, however, my prayer life has been lukewarm and I have to get back up on the horse. The Divine Mercy novena prays for those whose faith has become lukewarm and it really resonates with me this spring. I used to say the Divine Mercy every day, but that has fallen by the wayside. Then I feel like such a faker to just say it, but know that that is what the devil wants and I have to persevere regardless. Just experiencing a wane in fervor at the moment.

And, I like your posts since they are very passionate. Nothing like a convert to show a cradle Catholic some religious and apologetic chutzpah!