19 March 2008

When worlds collide

Yes, it is Holy Week...but it is also time to do your NCAA brackets!!

A not-so-graceful movement at The Dance

Since the kids were napping, the house is pretty much clean in anticipation of the rellies visiting on Easter, I completed five loads of laundry yesterday and it's too soon to start cooking anything for Sunday, I spent five minutes and did my picks.

I always have a rough time with the Pac-10 teams that make the tournament because I discount them when maybe I shouldn't. I get burned by this every year, especially if Wazzu (Washington State) makes the cut, because they are the rivals of my alma mater, the University of Washington. I also throw Gonzaga into the mix, even though they aren't in the Pac-10. I then tend to give the Big 10 teams more credit than they deserve. If the Minnesota Gophers ever make the tournament, I will pick them to win. Highlighted below are the Pac-10 teams that are in the tournament and I will probably get them wrong in all my brackets.

Washington State
Arizona State

Oregon State

So, if you are interested in doing the brackets as a group thing, send me an e-mail to swiss-miss at att dot net and I'll create our own little group where we can see which blogger knows their basketball. C'mon...give it a try. I'm using the hometown site at wcco.com/ncaa if you want to check it out.

And, there is an educational value...

A lady in my home school group passed along this link to some school related reasons to do your NCAA picks...it's called Sporting Geography and it has FREE teacher kits that you can down load so the kids AND hubby can learn themselves sumthin'. Here's a blip:

SPORTING GEOGRAPHY is an educational activity kit that complements social studies and math curriculum objectives in grades four through eight. The SPORTING GEOGRAPHY kits provide teachers with reproducible lesson plans and desk maps that can be used at any time.


Lisa said...

GO MARQUETTE!(At least for one round) :)

I picked Kansas to win it all. It's a a crap shoot-there are too many upsets that happen to ever win some serious money. We are in a neighbor's pool with 150 people.

I love March Madness!

swissmiss said...

I did pick Marquette to win the first round :)

150 people in your pool! Wow. That's one of the things I miss about not working - sports pools. Oh, and the trash talking.

I picked....North Carolina to beat Texas in the championship. And, I did pick Wazzu to win two rounds. Last year they really trashed my brackets. I also picked Gonzaga to win two rounds. Living life on the edge with my picks this year!