25 March 2008

But comrades...

I swear I closed that account back when Khrushchev was busy toe-tapping.

Although I'm a bit under the weather today, this made me laugh. Yes, another one of those spam e-mails telling me they will render my poor defenseless account inactive (at least I assume that's what it says!) unless I send them all my personal information, including my shoe size and inseam.

So far I've won the Irish Lottery and had accounts all over the world I didn't know about. Lucky me.

Wait, maybe I need to consult with my husband about these. Hmmmm.

Honestly, a Russian account and a notice in Russian. Maybe it is real? Ya think!?


Ceska Sporitelna Online® Bankovnictvн Fakulta

Tebe mнt dostat tato elektronickб poљta ponevadћ tebe ci nekdo mnel jsem opotrebovanэ tvuj ъcet dle neobvyklэ lokalizace.
Do bezpecн cнl , my ar narнdit aћ k nechrбnenэ neurc. clen pбtrбnн do tato hmota.

Aby zбruka tvuj ъcet , my narнdit aby tebe birmovat tvuj bankovnictvн detail.
TPoslouћit jнdlem zrychlit tato beh , bэt prнjemnэ prнstup clen urcitэ nбsledujнcн clбnek asi tolik my pocнnovat celэ clen urcitэ overenн of tvuj Ceska Sporitelna® Bankovnн ъcet registrace hlбљenн.


Bэt prнjemnэ Bankovka:
li my cinit ne dostat clen urcitэ dotovat ъcet overenн v 48 hodina , nekdy my vule predpoklбdat tato Ceska Sporitelna ъcet is klamnэ a vule bэt zaveљenэ. Clen urcitэ cнl of tato overenн is aћ k pojistit aby tvuj bank ъcet 3sg.prйz.od have ne been klamnэ opotrebovanэ a aћ k boj clen urcitэ klam dle nбљ obec.

My ocenit tvuj podeprнt a dohoda a bэt zavбzбn tebe do tvuj hbitэ pozornost aћ k tato hmota.


Ceska Sporitelna - Ceska Sporitelna Online® Bankovnictvн Fakulta

© 2008 Ceska Sporitelna & Co.

Please cinit ne namнtat aћ k tato elektronickб poљta ackoliv tato is ale jeden oznбmenн. Elektronickб poљta poslanэ aћ k tato adresovat delostrelectvo bэt odpovedel.

Ceska Sporitelna Online® Bankovnictvн Departament


Vincenzo said...

"My hovercraft is full of eels" in Russian:


swissmiss said...

What is this from? My husband said it sounded like something from "Get Smart."

Vincenzo said...

I just looked at the site again: the phrase (but not this recording) came from a Monty Python sketch.

Adrienne said...

All I ever get is offers to "drive my woman crazy" with my new enlarged yim yams. I like my yim yams just the way they are - thank you very much!

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Adrienne, I like my yim yams with toated marshmallows & brown sugar