06 September 2008


I'm hiding out.

Right now, as I speak, the entire neighborhood is out in the street in front of our house for the neighborhood picnic.

I hate these things. Despise. Detest. Would rather have a sharp stick in my eye.

Reason: I was outside at the food table, getting a cookie for my daughter, summoning up courage to meet and greet the neighbors, when I hear their conversations. EVERY SINGLE ONE IS BASHING McCAIN!!!

I'm out numbered.

I have a tart baking. It only takes 10 minutes. For all I know, *ahem*, the oven could be on the fritz and it could take a few hours to get the tart done.

That's my story.

Better part of valor and all...

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

You know, you could have just wandered up into one of those conversations and said, "You know, I like watching infants die in a dirty linen closet as much as the next gal, but I'm a little concerned about the fact that Joe Biden is a raging racist. If the media ever decides to actually cover that, it could be trouble."

That would shut them up.



swissmiss said...

Before I had kids, that would've been how the conversation went. Now I don't want the kids ostracized because of their mother!

Several folks were talking about how they could support the "old McCain" but the "new McCain" is just pandering to the party. Really. As Sarah Palin so aptly said (in reference to solving energy problems), "you think we don't know that?" Do they think Obama isn't pandering to Dems with all the fluff about McCain being just like Bush and how the GOP is so unfair to the middle class, blah blah barf blah!

They didn't have any problems woofing down my tart though :) I didn't even get a taste!

Christine from Maryland said...

Bravo to you, Swiss Miss, for keeping silence for the sake of your children! I learned years ago that keeping my mouth shut (no small feat for me, either...) could be a smart move. Like when I walked into my in-laws' Democratic stronghold house wearing a Gerald Ford sticker on Election Day in 1976. My "pain" was momentary...theirs lasted for Carter's entire term! Guess I got the last laugh there. I won't mention what happens when the subject of religion comes up in their intensely Catholic household when the agnostic son-in-law visits...

Cathy said...

Some people at work were watching the Obama/McCain religion thingy the other night, and when the subject of abortion came up and they all said, "Oh, I wouldn't have one, but I can't tell a woman what to do with her body", it gave me a great opportunity to:

Ask "Why?" In other words, why wouldn't you have one? Is it because it's a baby? [Answer: Yes.] Soooo, let me get this straight, you wouldn't kill a baby but you're not about to make laws that say other people can't?

Say, "You do realize Obama was opposed to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which says if a baby survives an abortion, you can't just leave him in a closet to die? And you do realize that NARAL, Clinton, and even Kennedy SUPPORTED that act?"

Say, "You DO realize that the government tells you every single day 'what to do with your body', right? Tattooing, ear piercing, and cosmetic surgery are regulated by law. And suicide and self-mutilation are against the law."

Say, "You DO realize that Margaret Sanger started PP because she was a raging racist Nazi b---h, right?"

It was grand, and a couple of them seemed receptive to what I said and appalled that Obama is so pro baby-killing.

Cathy said...

(Oh, I also threw in the abortion/cancer/birth control pill link, the abortion/depression link, and how RvW has basically allowed men to have consequence-free sex since 1973.)

swissmiss said...

The readings today were so apropo, calling for us to fraternally correct our neighbor or his death is on us. Hard to know when to say something and when it's best to be quiet.

Did you see the movie, Expelled? It made the connection between Nazis and Sanger, but only briefly. Showed her ties to PP, but didn't really speak to it much. Obama is off the deep end with his opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Wouldn't want him or his daughters to be burdened with a child. Obaalma.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are better off not fraternizing with the neighbors anyway.....

Anonymous said...


I didn't - I will look that one up.