30 October 2008

Halloween Kneeler Caption Call

It's Halloween...woo hoo!! Happy Halloween!!

Seems the election has been weighing heavily on everyone. In between your novenas and chaplets, take a moment for some levity (God is good!) and try your best shot at coming up with a caption for this pic. Place your captions in the com box.

If this had food in it, I'm sure Vincenzo would have something to say :)


Vincenzo said...


Kit said...

Comment: Heyyyyy.....those faces look familiar!

Caption: "Let me guess. You're looking at the weight room in the rectory again, aren't you?"

swissmiss said...

LOL!!! I think a title to your pic is "De-evolution." I thought you'd say something like, "Oh my, Sister Helen, there's an Olive Garden just down the street and they have raspberry gelato."

Just the right amount of creepiness for Halloween ;-}

I think they are saying, "I thought Sister Mary Frances said we were supposed to be able to see Alaska from here."

Anonymous said...

Quick we need to find another place to hide the vacation bible school coordinators are hot on our trail.

swissmiss said...

LOL!! I don't know if I'll be in much demand after last summer's stellar showing :) I can just see the VBS coordinators resorting to James Bond tactics to find us though...kidding...I think!! At least we weren't in charge of the VIRTUS program ;}

heelers said...

"There are nun so blind as those who can't get their hands on the binoculars!"

James (in Ireland)

Vincenzo said...


Kit said...

LOL!!! I say Vincenzo wins!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

While Sister Assumpta prays, Sister Mary Immculata uses her binoculars to give a play by play of the St. Paul Saints vs. Minneapolis Miller game at Midway Stadium!!!

(Ok, it's weak but that's all I got!)

Re: Vin's photoshop: I've never looked better!

gemoftheocean said...

Wind her up and she can see the Vatican.

swissmiss said...

Exactly! Use all the gifts God has given us!

Vincenzo IS the master!!

How old are you??? Heck, I don't even remember those teams playing!

Especially if Monsignor is visible :)