10 October 2008

This week's project

Today was a messy day with clay, rolling pins, Trival Pursuit pie pieces and tooth picks. Here is a sample of what we learned...we wrote our names in cuneiform (this is one I did for my aunt). When we get to the next lesson on Egyptians, we will try this again with hieroglyphics...maybe.

I don't know which is harder to spell or pronounce: hieroglyphics or cuneiform?

Kids had a good time. Mark actually worked on writing his name in cuneiform before tossing the idea and just making shapes in the clay. We used the trivial pursuit pie shapes to make the triangles and it worked pretty well. I don't know what the kids learned, but I learned that our alphabet is much, MUCH, simpler to use than making all these triangles and lines. Takes forever to make one letter! And a lot of space!

At the cabin this weekend to close it up for the season. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

1 comment:

mum6kids said...

Fun this homeschooling lark isn't it?
We did hieroglyphics recently and made a lapbook. Roni coloured in the pictographs to make up his name for the front.
Looks like you are settled into it all.
God bless-enjoy.