13 December 2008

Favorite rosary meme

Karen, the task-master, has given me another meme to do. This time I'm supposed to show a picture of my three favorite rosaries and say a thing or two about them if I'm so inclined.

This is, hands-down, my favorite rosary. It was given to my mother when she was a child and now it's mine. It's sterling silver and you can tell the time period it was made since it shows influences from Art Deco and Art Nouveau. It's is the rosary I use for serious praying.

I also have the rosary that was given to me as a child. My parents must've been expecting a boy because my rosary is made of blue crystals. It is kind of a funny rosary because on the back of the crucifix it says, "I am a Catholic. In case of an accident notify a priest."

I did have my mother's daily rosary, which was made of deep-red crystals, but lent it to my father to have a very sentimental reminder of my mother when he was praying and I never saw it again. After he passed away, I scoured the house for it and it never showed up.

The rosary my father used, a hand-made rosary made out of some sort of bean that he got at the Carmelite Monastery in Lake Elmo, I gave to my very wayward brother in hopes it would help him revert to the faith of his fathers.

There are rosaries scattered around the house, but I can't say I really have three, just two good ones :)

I tag Sanctus Belle because she must have a beautiful rosary, Vincenzo because he is so private but also has really cool stuff and Adoro since I'm curious what her rosaries look like.


Sanctus Belle said...

SwissMiss - ok I'll have to dust off my digital camera. I have so many rosaries honestly! I'll pick my favorites and post on them this week. Cheers!

gemoftheocean said...

Neat! I love the crucifix on your fav. I have a few with that style that I like. That is my favorite type of cross, ideally on a rosary.

It was very common to have a few items on one's person to declare "Catholicity!" i.e. ID cards and the like. Never saw a rosary like that, but I'm not surprised. Last year I wrote about ID Cards.

Adamgv said...

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