02 December 2008

Surgery update

Please keep a fellow homeschool mom in your prayers. She is just a few months pregnant and is having some complications.

Thank you all for your prayers for my aunt. It was determined she had a slight stroke that caused the funk she was in that brought about such a dramatic change in her personality. She is now back to normal and has been discharged from the hospital following her triple bypass and valve replacement. She's at home and doing well. Thanks be to God.

Please keep the intentions of my homeschool group in your prayers. There are several moms who are expecting, two are due within the next month or so.

The cousin of two to the members who was in a serious car accident, remains in the hospital and is scheduled to have shunt inserted to drain the fluid from her brain. It is a grim situation.

And, for a family who has been devastated by the unthinkable actions of their own members.

Thank you for your prayers.

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Terry Nelson said...

Be assured of my prayers.