21 November 2009

Civic duty


I found out just before dinner time last night that I don't have jury duty next week!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hear the angels singing!!!!!!!!

The frustrating thing is that my daughter was just getting off the bus from school and I couldn't get the lady from the district court to hold on while I pulled my daughter off the bus. I literally had my cell phone in one hand while I scooped up my daughter with my other arm and pulled her off the bus. Am sure the bus aide and the driver thought I was the rudest person in the world that I couldn't put the phone down for a minute.

But, if you were "randomly selected" to be excused from jury duty, you'd be listening pretty closely. I couldn't understand exactly why I was being released (I think it had to do with few cases on the docket next week, so my evil plan worked), but the bad news is my name now goes back in the pool and I can be called again.


Honestly, truth be told, I would love to get on a case and see how everything works, but NOT when I have two little ones at home...and am trying to homeschool them.

What a relief. One more thing to be thankful for.


Anonymous said...

I must admit I dread it because of the disruption and managing with the wheelchair- but otoh I too would be fascinated by the whole thing.

Cathy_of_Alex said...


Ed Kohler said...

I haven't been called for jury duty yet, but would feel obligated to make it work in order to give a little help to our justice system. I doubt there is a good time to be called. A friend of mine is on the short list for a case now and told me one of her fellow candidates for the case is in college, didn't ask for a deferment due to school, and has been told tough luck after failing to use the options available to her while she had the chance.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ok, where are you? Where's WKJ?!

I hope everything is ok.