09 November 2009

Say something nice about a priest meme

I have been tagged by Mum6kids for the “Say something nice about a priest” meme. According to her, "Apparently the person who created the meme meant that we are to say something nice about a particular priest and we are to pass it on to three other bloggers to do the same."

If you have something nice to say about a priest, please place it in the combox.

Something nice about a living priest:
This living priest was responsible for drawing my entire family further into the Church. His example of living the virtues in a quiet, humble way has impacted many. He was my father's spiritual director and confessor, providing both my parent's with Last Rites. He also brought my best friend at the time and my husband into the Church, instructing these converts patiently and then being allowed to Confirm them in a private Mass. His prayers have touched many lives and I am grateful to know I can count on him with any request. He also anointed me earlier this year. One of the relics I now have of St. John of the Cross, that had been my father's, was given to him by this priest.

Something nice about a deceased priest:
This priest, like many today, suffered because of his traditional views. His health was also poor and he was quite lonely, but he was always happy (joyful even) and had a great sense of humor. He drove a great distance to pray at my dying mother's bedside almost constantly. I cannot count the number of rosaries and all the prayers he said for her. I am grateful for the counsel he provided her. He attended her funeral Mass (as did the above priest). He and my father got along very well and together enjoyed BBQ rib meals and grand conversation. This priest promoted a wonderful devotion to your Guardian Angel and his relationship with his own was tender and sweet. I was privileged that he concelebrated my wedding Mass.

May Our Lady keep these good priests, and especially the wayward ones, close to her.

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Anonymous said...

Humility is the key isn't it?
God bless