04 November 2009

One ringy dingy

Ernestine says to ring the Chancery

Thanks to B who sent this to me.

This Thursday evening (November 5), the Saint Paul Deanery Council of Catholic Women is hosting an educational evening at St. Pascal's in St. Paul. The title of the event is "How Big is Your Footprint?" http://accwarchspm.org/pdfs/eveningenrichmentnov.pdf

Panelists include Deacon Glenn Skuta speaking on global warming, Fr. Pat Foley will speak on Catholic environmental theology, and finally, and most disturbingly, David Paxson, President of World Population Balance, will speak on the need to stabilize the population through population control.

A look at his website quickly shows that he in not in line with Catholic teaching! On his website he states that one of the best ways to check the exponential rate of population growth is to keep kids in school as long as possible because better educated women have less children (what a horse's rear, eunuchs have fewer children too). In his letter to educators he tells them he must disagree with abortion (I guess he thinks ALL educators are pro-abort?). He believes in a humane method of population control. http://www.worldpopulationbalance.org/

It is upsetting that a proponant of population control is being given a Catholic platform on which to speak. He is being granted further legitimacy by being on a panel with a Catholic deacon and a Catholic priest.

Please consider attending this presentation in order to promote true Catholic teaching on this matter. If you can't join him, please at least call the Chancery and voice your displeasure. 651-291-4400

Or you can reach the church at 774-1585, but be prepared to hear a scripted response about how we all should be good stewards of God's creation (meanwhile frustrating that creation with population control).


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Dead people don't propagate, and few with BO do (although BO population control isn't 100% effective). I wonder which of these he practices, although Darwinian selection may eliminate him from the gene pool (species which don't propagate face extinction. Seen any dodos besides David Paxson recently?) You might want to remind Mr. Paxson that the Nazis also believed in a "humane method of population control", as do most practitioners of eugenics.

swissmiss said...

AA: Mr. Paxson is a Goreaphile. Dead people don't propogate (ie: Margaret Sanger), but their ideas remain a plague to the rest of us. Why don't these people drink their own hemlock and leave us behind to worry about the planet *meow*