07 July 2008

Bear!! Fireworks!!!

Things that make you go, "AHHHHHH"

There was a bear at our cabin this weekend. We never get bears. Since my husband's parents, sister and her husband, uncle, and aunt and her husband, all live within five miles of our cabin, we often hear their stories about bears climbing up their decks to get to bird feeders and hanging out in their yards looking for food. But, because our cabin is at the end of a half-mile long peninsula (bears and deer supposedly don't like to wander down peninsulas, they must've read Sun Tsu's, "Ancient Art of War"), we don't get bears. We don't even get too many deer. I can have plants around my cabin without worrying that the deer will eat them all.

However, this weekend, as we were coming in to get ready to go see the fireworks, a bear crawled out of the woods on one side of the road. I had gone in the house with my daughter, while my husband was outside with my son. I just happened to look out the window and saw the bear appear across the road from our driveway, while my husband and son were near the door by the driveway.

Being a good mom, I went screaming like a maniac that there was a bear and told hubby and my son to get in the house. All was well and we didn't see the bear again. He must've thought I was mighty un-neighborly.

Fireworks were being shot off at the golf course on the lake my parents-in-law live on. It connects to the lake hubby's aunt and uncle live on and they have a brand new pontoon. This was our transportation for the evening. The pontoon is amazing, with iPOD hookup, GPS, stereo speakers throughout, faucet, cooler, you name it. Not grandpa's fishing boat.

We dropped anchor a short distance off the shore of the golf course and tied up with my brother-in-law's bass boat, since they were meeting us on the water for the fireworks show. The kids were doing well considering it was way past their bedtime and they hadn't taken naps that day.

Before the show started, hubby's uncle had to play the tunes from his iPOD, which included the Oak Ridge Boy's singing, "My baby is American made." And, the whole Woody Guthrie version of "Alice's Restaurant." This was his attempt at patriotic music. *Cough*

Fireworks were great and the kids loved them, even my daughter who was covering her eyes for part of the show.

When it was time to go, the pontoon's motor wouldn't start. Seems the battery was dead. The iPOD had done it in. This shouldn't have happened, but it seemed there was a short in the electrical system somewhere. But, have no fear, my brother-in-law who is a serious fisherman had a spare battery in his boat (it was for his trolling motor). So, the dead battery was removed and the spare installed. We were on our way again.

Got the kids in bed around 11:30pm. We were all exhausted. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


gemoftheocean said...

Dang Girl..... last time I was in Pa. I'd been up to the coal country for my dad's funeral. We'd taken a back road back from Frackville [imagine the 50s and early 60s pretty much preserved in crystal) back to Allentown [relative civilization as we know it) and I was astonished to see a "Bear crossing" sign along the highway. I shouldn't have, given my dad had informed me that on a near by golf course bears were not infrequently coming to the edge of the greens. Lucky Jerry Ford wasn't a regular.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Swissy: Thanks for posting this hairy man photo! Can you give him my number?

Anonymous said...

Wow! what an exciting weekend!