24 July 2008

A little information

doesn't mix well with a big imagination

A member of the Knights of Columbus came over last night.

My husband had filled out a form to find out more information about joining the Knights. My husband, an Eagle Scout (trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent, at least according to the BSA laws), is used to oaths and pledges and this hierarchical structure.

My uncle has been a Knight for over 60 years. We see the KofC at Mass often and I always point them out to my kids. I was happy my husband was going to join the Knights, even though he has no time to participate while he's working on his masters.

After my husband filled out all the forms and the gentleman left, I asked him what all the requirements were, were there any dues, any meetings, etc.

My husband mentioned he wouldn't officially be a Knight until the swearing in ceremony, which would take place within the next few months. However, I couldn't attend since it was a secret ceremony and he would have to swear an oath that he wouldn't tell anyone what it was about.

Say what?

Awhile back, I posted about my possible connection to the Knights Templar. All the talk of secrets and oaths has my mind going all sorts of places.

I asked hubby if he didn't think it was: creepy, nefarious, subversive, odd. He didn't think so. I don't mean to slam the Knights, but since I don't understand the reason for this oath, I find it "odd." The bible has several references to oaths and that you are NOT to swear an oath. Is it just me or isn't this a weird disconnect?

Now I envision secret handshakes, codes, daggers and dank basements filled with elderly men with feathered hats and satin sashes eating stale Tootsie Rolls.

I've often thought about going under cover and infiltrating the male-only Argument of the Month Club, but now the Knights have piqued my curiosity. I'd come up with a plan to get inside the secret swearing in if I wasn't afraid they'd chain me up in the dungeon if they ever caught me.


Anonymous said...

Creepy, odd, as dodgy as a second hand car salesman.
Christ's message to the world is a shout it from the hill tops message.
Secret oaths do not make for trust.
Why are the Knights doing this?

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

You gals obviously haven't been to a boys' secret club house. The whole secret handshake, password, etc. is just to irritate you gals.
(My grandfather was a high mucky-muck in the K of C. I think he just like playing with swords and the feathered hats!)

Mairin :o) said...

My hubby is a knight. Don't worry, you'll be invited to plenty of stuff. The KCs are for patriotism, defending the faith, fraternity. There's nothing creepy or dodgy about it.

Sanctus Belle said...

Well personally I think its cute and if some terrible persecution came all the secrecy could come in handy. The Knights have the blessing of the Pope and all their bylaws are approved so I wouldn't be concerned. The fruits of this organization are good and so they appear to be good also - but the hats are awfully dorky! :)

gemoftheocean said...

Agree about the Dorky hats. I did ask a good friend of mine about the no women thing...and he explained that one thing that virtually prevents the change is that in the USA at least the Knights through some grandfather clause are able to offer some exceptionally good life insurance and other bennies to their members (and by extension to their beneficiaries) which they would no longer be able to offer if their charter changed.

On the positive side it will get him out of the house at least one night a week so you can do whatever it is you know how to do from infancy without him kibbitzing that his way of doing X is better. ;-D

swissmiss said...

What's wrong with the hats? If they didn't wear the hats, they'd just look like Grandpa Munster in their cape and sash.

I'm sure a lot of my misgivings are because I don't know what the oath is and don't understand why on earth they would do something like that. Anyway, I have NO desire to be involved in the Knights myself. I come from a line of military folks and am one of the few not to have signed up. I have antiquated notions of chivalry, but can shoot a gun just like a guy...just want him to be the one chasing the bad guys, not me.

The Argument of the Month club is something different. I think the ladies should have something like this. Men can have their own, but we need our own too!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Maybe their oath goes something like this:
"I swear that I will always tell my wife that her butt does NOT look big in her mom-jeans..." or something along those lines?

I agree we need to horn in on one of them there Argument of the Month club meetings. I don't think we need to start our own version of that because we already hash things out so much and have all kinds of opportunities for "women's conferences" and that sort of thing. I just really want to be a fly on the wall of those meetings.