25 January 2009

Excuse me while I...

spew, but maybe "ralf" is more ladylike.

I was born after Kennedy was assassinated, long after the whole civil rights movement was at full-boil. I missed the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, but did manage to see "man" land on the moon. Back then, it seemed the world was going crazy with sex, drugs and rock & roll. But what is it that we have collectively ingested recently that has gotten us well beyond that hedonistic stage?

According to hubby's aunt, any nay-saying I may do about HRH Barack Obama is racist. Honestly, she used that word. So far, my Webster's dictionary does not have the word "racist" anywhere in the definition of "disagree."

Let's look:
Disagree: 1. To fail to agree. 2. To have a different opinion. 3. To argue or quarrel. 4. To cause adverse effects.

It's not Barack Obama's race I don't like, it's his views on life that I have a "disagreement" with. He could be white, like Hillary, and I'd still disagree with him. He is my president and I will support him, up to the point of where I disagree with him on the fundamental right to life.

I come from a long line of military folks, I get the whole idea of "God and country." I get that God comes first in that equation.

Now if Alan Keyes had won the Republican nomination, I would've voted for him in a heart-beat. Even if Hillary, a white woman, was his Democratic opponent. Especially if Hillary had been the Democratic opponent. When will these people see that it isn't their skin color or race or sex or shoe size that I disagree with, it's their politics?

My MIL was still giddy about the inauguration when hubby talked to her late in the week. But, it was all just emotion. She couldn't say what HRH BO was going to do for her, what he would do for the country, what she expected he would do, what she hoped he would do. Bottom line: he wasn't Bush. No rationale, no game plan, no objectives about HRH BO, just glee that "change" had come to America. She did manage to state that change should NOT include increasing taxes, expanding entitlements, more bail outs, or wasting money in foreign countries because we sure need to focus on our problems here at home.

First, I question why she votes Democratic when she disagrees with all the policies of this party except abortion. It wasn't so funny when I told her that one of the first things HRH BO did wasn't to sign legislation that would help the unemployed or those losing their homes or the middle class, it was to use our tax dollars to fund over-seas abortions.

Like you didn't see that coming.

Our country is busy clamoring for change, for a leader -- almost for a king. I hope we remember to read the play book on that one to see how that all turned out previously. Some are calling for an amendment to the Constitution to allow HRH BO to serve more than two terms. Aside from the fact that the man has only been in office a few days and the fact that he hasn't put a chicken in anyone's pot yet, be careful what you wish for.


Mairin :o) said...

have you seen the youtube Oprah produced showing various celebutards pledging their support to BO? ShovedtoThem.blogspot.com has it posted. It is enough to make me yak. All the hero worship is frightening. When will the extended arm salute begin??

Chris said...

I seem to be missing the boat on this, too. I've seen people in *tears* over Mr. Obama being elected. Is this a generational thing? I was born before President Kennedy was assassinated, but I sure don't remember it.

Christine from Maryland said...

Spew/ralf all you like, Swiss Miss, because I'm right along with you and the other commenters so far. Electing (worshipping??) a man for his race is no different than my mother's voting for Kennedy just because he was a Catholic. It's creating idols, and we all know what that did for the wandering Israelites...

swissmiss said...

I suspect sales of Pepto Bismal may be on the rise the next four years.

These people react like they're at a Tom Jones concert, crying and fawning and...

mum6kids said...

Using "You're racist" as a smokescreen against actually thinking about what you said is so much part of British culture that 'racist' is part of yoof jargon to mean "I don't want to listen". At least so my own yoofs have explained.
Ah all those people who said they voted for Baby Killer Obama BECAUSE he is black are not racist. But those who think his all out wish to kill (mainly black) babies is vile, are. Strange ol'world.