21 January 2009

Silent retreat

I've been planning to attend one of the Miles Christi silent retreats for a long, long time. Now that I'm not nursing or pregnant, it seems like a perfect time. There is a retreat coming up in late March that I hope to attend and asked the coordinator to send me more specifics, like the cost.

I'm in shock. I knew the cost of the weekend was around $200, but getting the information with the costs on it really took my breath away. The cost was actually $230.

Since I've become a stay-at-home mom I've tried to live very frugally. I clip coupons, I go to garage sales, I turn off lights. Recently, I was starting to plan what books and other items I would use next year for homeschooling and was agonizing over spending $170 for the bulk of the year. That's just an early estimate and it will likely go up, but right now $230 is a chunk of change considering all the other things I could do with the money.

I understand that the retreat center needs to make money, I know the Miles Christi priests need to be paid, but even when I could've afforded $200, I still would've thought it pricey. I'm currently using paleolithic dial-up because DSL would cost twice as much as I'm paying. We got two converter boxes because we have old TVs and don't have cable.

I know the benefits of the retreat to my spiritual life will be worth it...I just have to decide which organ I plan to sell to get the money to attend.


Smiley said...

biblically your allowed to see an eye and a limb. ' if your eye causes you to sin pluck it out etc etc

hope that helps you in making your choice.

pray to our lady of remedies she carries 2 money bags in her hands.

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

You might see if the retreat center has a scholarship. Every retreat I've been on has had a scholarship option for those who couldn't afford the full boat, and the balance was made up by those who could afford the extra coinage. It doesn't hurt (much) to ask.

swissmiss said...

I hope the Church changes her teachings on only being able to sell an eye or a limb. I was hoping to do a kidney or gall bladder.

There are scholarships and the coordinator did tell me about them, but I consider them for people who really can't afford them (out of work, etc) instead of just whiners like myself. It's going to take some doing to scrape up the money, but I do have a small stash of Christmas money my father gave me YEARS ago that I've had tucked away. I either spend it on the retreat or on a future trip to Disneyworld ;-)

Plus, I will continue praying that I'm hit with a wind fall!

Adam Wilberding said...

Dear Sister in Christ (i.e. Swissmiss),

I read your posts this evening and am responding to your situation.

The Priests of Miles Christi believe that no one should not attend the Spiritual Exercises due to lack of funds. You may pay in installments as many retreatants have done in the past. If you are not able to pay in installments, even if they are small installments, we can look into the possibility of some scholarship.

Also, to clarify about retreat fees, the Miles Christi Priests do not get paid for preaching retreats. We do not include any amount as a stipend for the Priests in the retreat fee. The retreat fee only covers the retreat house payment and the travel expenses for the Priest and a lay retreat assistant. Although, retreatants may give a free will donation after the retreat.

Please call me at (810) 394-5269 or email me at spiritualexercises@mileschristi.org, and we can work out a solution that is best for your situation.

May God bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Adam Wilberding
Coordinator - Spiritual Exercises Nationwide Apostolate
Miles Christi Religious Order

Tara said...

Whew! that better be a great retreat--hope Spiritual Exercises helps you out considerably!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Swissy: I'm sure it will work out but, for heavens' sake, don't start screaming like that bobcat or you may be asked to leave and your $230 will not be refunded!

Angela M. said...

You've won an award at my blog!

Mairin :o) said...

I'd be willing to chip in some moolah. I think you should go and deserve to go. If you want to email me at childofmary5@yahoo.com w/your address.

swissmiss said...

Thought I better post an update. Adam was very helpful and is allowing me to pay $50/month, so I think I can swing that.

Mairin: You are very kind and generous to offer to help. Thank you so much, but I think I'm able to afford the retreat now that I can pay in installments. Have you attended one of the retreats? I'm really looking forward to it!