17 January 2009

Jumping to conclusions

The MN Catholic Homeschool Conference isn't going to be at St. Thomas this year.

It's going to be at arguably the most liberal college in the state...Macalester.

When I found out about the change in venue, my first thoughts were that St. Thomas was making it hard for the homeschool conference to be held there...kind of like they did to make the Chesterton conference hit the road for Seattle (granted that was over an issue of smoking cigars).

What would happen to the Mass that was always offered? How could a Catholic, albeit CINO, university be so unaccommodating that the Catholic Homeschool Conference packed its bags and inexplicably headed for Macalester.

Well, maybe I need to cut St. Thomas some slack, although the university has been unfailing in giving me reasons to bash my alma mater. Turns out there is a big construction project at St. Thomas that requires the conference to relocate this year. Mass will still be held. All is well.

See you at the conference!


mum6kids said...

Homeschoolers over here are still an underground movement in comparison. Hope there are legit reasons for the move. Enjoy the conference anyway.
Do you think you will all be invited back once the building work is done?

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Hope to see you there!