02 January 2009

First haircut

Took my daughter to get her first haircut the other day. She's a little over three years old and I haven't cut her hair at all. It was easier with my son because I cut his hair from early on and got control of it, but with my daughter, her hair was all different lengths from the time of her birth and it was more than I wanted to attempt. Especially considering she's pretty touchy about anyone messing with her hair, even to comb it and get a barrett in it. So, off to Kid's Hair we went.


She was excited to go to the hair cut shop (because we got my son a cut before Christmas so she thought she would be able to sit around and play while her brother got chopped.) When she realized she was the one to get a haircut, she protested quite loudly.


But, once she got in the seat, she was a champ. Getting to watch Elmo while getting her hair cut helped, and the sucker and sticker she received at the end seemed to smooth things over nicely.

At home playing with bubble wrap after her ordeal

Sorry, not able to really blog since I've been struggling with a nasty head cold since Christmas Eve. The haircut was the extent of our exciting week having hubby home...he's also sick. And a great time was had by all.


mum6kids said...

Beautiful long hair! My daughter is 4 and still has never had a hair cut-and still doesn't need one. All my kiddies seem to have slow-grow hair. lol
Happy New Year and I hope that cold is gone soon.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!

Feel better.


swissmiss said...

Happy New Year to you both!
The funny thing is when I was little, my dad loved short hair so I ALWAYS had a pixie cut. I never had even shoulder length hair until I was in high school. Now my hair is veryyyyy long and needs a cut. And, I don't know where my daughter gets her china doll skin as mine is as ruddy as it comes!

gemoftheocean said...

Swiss, I have sat in a beauty salon chair EXACTLY once. My mother used to get her hair cut all the time in the short styles that were prevalent for grown women then. When I was four, my mom said, would you like to get your hair cut at the beauty parlor too? (until then she was the one who trimmed it as need be.) As luck would have it, this beauty parlor later put up such a fuss over me cooing and the like that I was freaked out and NEVER have darkened the door of another such establishment again. Mom always cut my hair from then on, a trim once or twice a year. When I got to college a suitemate and I would do the honors for each other. BOth of us have steady hands. And now I cut it myself or have one trusted friend. I usually keep mine around shoulder length, or sometimes above or below, depending on whatever fancy takes me. The picture on my blog was when I was in my "short" phase. I must say short hair is easier to maintain as far as wash/dry. My hair is somewhat naturally wavy and thick so I lucked out (for once) with a "good hair" gene.

Adrienne said...

Speaking as a hairdresser those folks that only cut kids hair are SAINTS!

You daughter is just gorgeous ....