23 September 2009

Date night

I guess when you get to be an old married couple, things like an hour alone together is all you hope for. So tonight, my sweet hubby is taking me to IKEA for dinner, drinks and dancing. Dinner is IKEA's Wednesday $7.99 special - half rack of ribs, fries and corn bread (if they still have it), drinks will be carbonated and the dancing will come when we drop the kids off at the one-hour free child care play land.

During our hour, we will stroll arm-in-arm through cheap housewares, oblivious to the world around us.

All this and I don't even have to dress up or wear heels.

(I hope they still have the rib special because for some reason, all you can eat crawfish, also $7.99, just doesn't sound so good. There are the Swedish meatballs as a back up plan though.)

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