20 September 2009

Taking after his father

My husband was an Eagle Scout, which I guess is a big deal, at least amongst Scouting folks. A year or so was all my brother lasted, while I was a Campfire Girl (Bluebird to be exact) for about the same duration.

My little guy just started and officially became a Tiger Scout at the investiture ceremony today at St. Agnes. Father Erickson did a very nice job and said the whole goal of scouting was to become a saint. Eagle scout - good; saint - infinitely better.

A saint that can tie a double overhand knot -- bestest of all.

Anybody want to buy some popcorn?


Nan said...

Wow! Father Ericson's versatile. Stamping out crazy church and inspiring scouts.

swissmiss said...

Father Erickson was pinch hitting for Father Ubel, who was in St. Louis. I never knew that scouting actually had a Catholic investiture ceremony...it was short but very nice. Father told the boys to go home and consider if God is calling them to the priesthood. Nice to hear a priest talk about it.

Nan said...

Father Erickson is great. He was the first priest I encountered at the Cathedral, and made it safe.

Anonymous said...

i thought scouts for for males only, isn't that two women on the altar?

swissmiss said...

Den mothers. When my hushand was in Scouts, there were very FEW men who were involved and most dens had den mothers, not fathers. In fact, my MIL was a den mother (and my FIL was an assistant Scout Master). Our scout group likes to encourage dads to participate so the scouts have a male role model.