14 September 2009

Not your grandmother's VBS

No, I'm not talking Vacation Bible School. Last year I helped teach the Kindergarten VBS class, but lately the acronym VBS has taken on another meaning that I don't subscribe to.

We had a lot to do over the weekend so we stayed in town. See if you can guess where I spotted people dressed like this over the weekend.

VBS...visible bra straps. Oh, and if you hadn't figured it out or guessed correctly, a clue is the kid/EMHC manning the Precious Blood was dressed almost as well as Zak Ephron in the above photo.

VBS in nearly every pew. Short shorts too. Athletic attire on the altar. Please tell me I was at the beach.


Chris said...

I was about to ask (in horror) if this was @ St Agnes but the "running shorts" EMHC tells me that it was not.

I will now resume breathing.

swissmiss said...

We didn't make it to St. Agnes because I spent the morning at Urgent Care with hives. Seems I had an allergic reaction to the amoxycillin I got to treat my latest sinus infection. I had looked forward to being at St. Agnes since we hadn't been there all summer, but instead we went to the parish in our neighborhood.

mum6kids said...

Hope you'll be feeling less allergic to both the Amoxy and the vbs soon. WHY or WHY do people go to Mass like that?

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Uh-oh. I always want to start "do and don't column" for Mass. You know like Glamour mag does.