18 November 2007

Flyover country

Top Ten list of Reasons why Pope Benedict isn't visiting Minnesota

10. Doesn't want to pay for a non-resident fishing license.
9. Local bloggers will critique his attire.
8. The Minnesota Vikings - he's not a miracle worker.
7. Heard Rocky and Bullwinkle had retired to Florida.
6. Lactose intolerant.
5. Doesn't want to arm wrestle Archbishop Tutu to see who gets to speak at St. Thomas.
4. Target doesn't carry Versace.
3. Too many Scandinavians in one place make him stutter.
2. The Chancery doesn't stock J├Ągermeister.
1. Hotdish sounds like a near occasion of sin.


Ray from MN said...

Priceless, Ms. SM!

gemoftheocean said...

Classic!!! I thought that he was just being diplomatic. He couldn't decide which of the 10k plus lakes to fish in, so he shunned all of them, including the whole state. Rocky and Bullwinkle were always a favorite of mine. And I TOLD you you could give the Viking's "D" some pointers on technique.


Terry Nelson said...

That is funny.

Vincenzo said...

LOL you're so wacky.

Angela Messenger said...


Anonymous said...

The Pope really wants to come for the State Fair!


swissmiss said...

Ah, he is a wise man!! The State Fair is the ultimate. Maybe he could say Mass at the Grand Stand! I'd buy him a Pronto Pup or some cheese curds or mini-doughnuts so he could have the MN experience. Maybe even something on a stick!

Anonymous said...


I would encourage him to skip the Giant Slide but to do the Skyride!