04 November 2007

An update - thanks for the prayers!

My 83 year-old aunt in CA that had colon cancer and then a stroke a short while back is doing well. Still has problems remembering names and a slight problem speaking, but she is physically, mentally and spiritually doing very well. Her husband who just had a stroke a week ago, is doing great! Initially, his hand was limp, but now all that remains is a tingling and slight weakness in two fingers. He had surgery to clear a clogged artery, but my aunt and cousins were very positive about his condition.

Their grown children who were evacuated because of the fires in CA are back home. One cousin in Crestline was VERY lucky to not lose their home. All the news was covering the San Diego fires so they didn't think the ones by Lake Arrowhead (the Grass Valley fire) were too bad. My cousin did leave work early and arrived at his house to find the fire very close. Fortunately, the planes were right overhead and dumping water (he said the planes were literally right above his house) or the neighborhood would've caught fire. My cousin's wife said that they got their RV out (which they use to live in when they have gotten evacuated in the past) and started down the road only to have fire right at the side of the road. As they left, they were pretty certain their house would be lost, but it WASN'T!!!

My 81 year-old aunt who had breast cancer and then chemo is doing better. The chemo upset her digestive tract and she ended up having a blockage that almost killed her. Goodness. Now she is much better. Her husband, who was in the hospital for unknown problems, seems to be doing better, but no word yet on what is wrong with him. I sometimes get conflicting information, so don't know if I should be optimistic or not!

My uncle who had knee replacement surgery is doing OK. I had heard that he was up and walking and doing just great, but when I visited, he was still in a good deal of pain and not up and around as much as I had heard...but still is doing well.

On a lighter note, below is a picture of my kids taming a wild beast. The beast was pretty tame and let the kids ride it. My daughter was riding around on its legs and my son was riding on its back and nearly strangling it :) The beast seemed pretty friendly and didn't mess up my bedroom too much!

Thank you everyone for the prayers! It is amazing that everyone is doing well!


:o) said...

I'm so glad to hear things are on the upswing! God be praised!

Terry Nelson said...

I think I've seen that beast before - roaming around St. Paul... in a store...

swissmiss said...

Usually the beast is chained inside the house and only let out to clean his cage :)

Divine Mercy said...

glad to hear that everyone is ok!