01 November 2007

Our groovy ghoulies

Finally had a chance to get the pictures uploaded from last night.

Everyone had a great time. The weather wasn't too cold, so the kids and parents didn't freeze. Kids made a haul of candy. I think I ate too much candy because I woke up this morning and felt hung over...and it wasn't the Martha Stewart drink that did it either.


Vincenzo said...


Terry Nelson said...

Cute kids! I had many princesses and spider men. In fact - I had 98 kids - which is a lot for my neighborhood. The decorations were a huge hit.

swissmiss said...

There is a neighborhood near where my aunt and uncle live (over by Cretin HS) that goes all out. All the neighbors decorate their yards, there is dry ice fog all over, people dressed up, etc. We talked to one lady there and she said she had over 700 kids. That's a lot, especially in today's world!