01 November 2007

Thanks Vincenzo!

The new header banner on my blog is courtesy of Vincenzo!

Thank you!! It is very cool, but now I don't have an excuse to plead with my husband for Photo Shop ;}

Hopefully, my blog isn't having problems since I edited the HTML code a bit. The pictures (left to right) are the St. Monica pic I had on my blog previously, surrounded by alpine pics from the small and very remote Swiss village my mother's family is from in Canton Graubunden. It is one of the few areas in Switzerland to remain (staunchly) Catholic when the Protestant Reformation griped this area of Europe. The church is from the 1600s, centered in the town square, with the village surrounding it. The other pics are from one of the towns my family is from in Ireland. These are from Burrishoole Abbey, Newport, in County Mayo. I did a prior post on the Abbey and you can read about it here.

Thanks very much, Vincenzo!! You do great work!


Vincenzo said...

"Thanks very much, Vincenzo!! You do great work!"

:-D You're welcome! Thanks!
Uh oh! You might have to go a little wider re: that header-wrapper pixel width number. 686,687 maybe higher? Keep changing it until it's wide enough.
*Vincenzo digs into Chicken Paprikash

swissmiss said...

Will tweek it more. Have to run to Mass now. It looked fine on my blog, but now it seems I have it just a bit too big. It's a number between 684 and 700 so I'm getting there!

How hard would it be to make the sky from the middle carry over all the way to the left behind the chalet? Just trying to break up the three "divisions" a bit. Sorry, I used to be an engineer...we tweek things endlessly. Be glad I'm one that doesn't constantly tweek things. Will have to tell you a story after I get back from Mass :)

Terry Nelson said...

What a great header! Vincenzo the artist! Great job! (I finally read the 10/12 comments - thanks Vincenzo for making me look better.

Vincenzo said...

Swissmiss wrote:
"How hard would it be to make the sky from the middle carry over all the way to the left behind the chalet? "

It would be very difficult or impossible! j/k I'll get to it tonight. The wrapper-thing looks just a hair too wide now. Maybe one pixel less.

Terry wrote:
"What a great header! Vincenzo the artist! Great job!"


swissmiss said...

Think I have the banner fixed. I never saw the problems you initially mentioned, so hope this is the end of that. I had adjusted the HTML code when I switched formats and had the pic of St. Monica only. I didn't want the border to be so wide, so cut it down to 600, but then when you made this header it was too narrow. Think it's now at 696. Let me know if it looks odd on your computer.

Anyway, about engineers messing with things endlessly, when I first started my job at Boeing as an engineer, my lead engineer was one of those guys who always had to mess with things FOREVER. We had a chemical etch tank in the manufacturing area that needed a piece of equipment that could analyze the concentrations in the tanks. My lead worked on this, literally, for years, when it could've been done in less than one. He still hadn't finished it when I left the company. The first project he made me do was set up an auto-titrator for our Quality Assurance labs. He had been working on it for months when I started. He was frustrated that the QA labs kept calling him with questions and problems(they were notorious at not following directions). I set up all the programs, wrote the code, got the equipment running and trained the techs on how to use it all in less than a month. I made them laminated cards on each analysis they had to do that showed how much water was needed, how much of the chemicals were needed and how much of the sample was needed, etc. All color coded and very simple/straight-forward. The lab techs loved it. I got one call from them...they wanted more cards. Never had any problems with them screwing up an analysis and having to run over there and figure out what was wrong. My attention span doesn't last long enough for me to want to tweek things endlessly, but I do have that desire to tweek stuff!

Vincenzo said...

"I got one call from them...they wanted more cards. Never had any problems with them screwing up an analysis and having to run over there and figure out what was wrong."

Cool! You're brilliant!

The border looks perfect now. Here's the banner with the new sky:


Oh BTW, I noticed that the blog (?) is altering the images. It's introducing compression artifacts that aren't in the original .jpgs at the tinypic site. (In the versions at the top of the blog, see the overall smeared appearance, and odd squiggles by the M and O in Monica, and less detail on her face). If you have a mechanism to link to an outside image host service instead, it will look a little better.

swissmiss said...

I wouldn't say I'm brilliant, not by a mile...just saying that I am willing to put a period at the end of a sentence, unlike some other engineers (hmmmm, someone like my husband maybe?) It's an engineer joke that they don't know when to quit.

Will have to look at what's going on with the header. Frustrating!

Thank you again! Will go take a look at the image right now!

Vincenzo said...

"Will have to look at what's going on with the header. Frustrating!"

It's probably just Blogger recompressing uploaded images, to save them bandwidth costs. If it can't be helped, don't worry, it just makes a slight quality difference.

swissmiss said...

I uploaded the image to my genealogy webpage on AT&T so the image is coming from that server. I only see a slight waviness to the header on my computer and it must be from Blogger since it is happening when uploaded from my hard drive or when it comes from an outside internet site like AT&T.

I'll have to view my blog from someone else's computer and see if my header looks the same or worse since it doens't look bad from my computer. Maybe you are more of a perfectionist than I am :)

Many thanks for doing this. It is very kind of you and it looks "schmaltzy." Very nice!

Vincenzo said...

You're welcome! I just remembered that you are on dial-up, right? If you have some form of artificial speedbooster or accelerator with your dial-up ISP, which might affect (recompress) all images viewed via your browser, that could account for differences not being visible to you.