15 January 2008

Bump in the night

It's funny how children are so hyper-sensitive or hyper-suggestive. Last night I had a home school meeting to go to and hubby had a grad class so my aunt came over to stay with the kids for a few hours. To make life easy on my poor aunt I turned on PBS that had a reading/phonics show (that I had never seen before) so that the kids would watch it and be less rambunctious for my aunt.

Before I left, I noticed that this "sweet", educational show had one of the characters talking about how he was afraid of the dark. On and on about it. Well, last night my son wanted a night light. He's been hinting at one for awhile but now he's had enough "afraid of the dark" talk that he's kind of thinking he doesn't like the dark either. Why would a children's program have this as a theme? I don't think my son learned much about phonics, but he learned scary things might jump out from his closet.

But, not so fast. It might be sort of genetic. I have to admit that I still don't like to sleep with my arms or legs sticking off the side of the bed because I don't want whatever is under the bed to get me. Which, I come to find out, is called Bogyphobia - fear of bogies or the bogeyman. I also found the names of a lot of other weird phobias.

Hadephobia: Fear of hell
Hagiophobia: Fear of saints or holy things
Hereiophobia: Fear of challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation
Hierophobia: Fear of priests or sacred things
Homilophobia: Fear of sermons
Ouranophobia: Fear of heaven
Papaphobia: Fear of the Pope
Peccatophobia: Fear of sinning
Satanophobia: Fear of Satan or The Devil
Staurophobia: Fear of crosses or the crucifix
Teleophobia: Fear of definite plans or Religious ceremony

Who knew there were such things. I can't imagine someone running wildly from the church when the priest begins his homily or avoiding Italy because you might bump into the Pope.

I've always had an aversion to bridges (Gephydrophobia - Fear of crossing bridges). When the 35W bridge collapsed, those who knew about my aversion called to see if I was traumatized or something. Now I'm not the only one who drives over a bridge saying a Hail Mary. However, my latest developing phobia is: Politicophobia - Fear of politicians

Depending on who wins the election, I might really develop Bogyphobia.


Terry Nelson said...

Thanks so much Monica! After seeing that picture I will not be able to sleep tonight. I knew there were people under the bed!

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I wonder how one cures phobiphobia (a fear of fears)?

swissmiss said...

Hmmm. Sounds like you have a case of seeing dead people. Have you been to your doctor lately to ensure you're not one of them? Maybe this is why Vincenzo did that Zombie Apocalypse post...trying to tell you something.

I hope you don't have this phobia since Doctor Phil seems to be busy with Britney Spears and is unavailable for consultation...unless you have plenty of media following you.

:o) said...

Thanks so much. Now I'm going to have nightmares. I used to not leave anything dangling over the side of the bed, either, because I dreamed the devil would cut off whatever part was hanging over, put it on a bus and wait for the rest of me. There were bits and pieces of others on that bus, too.

swissmiss said...

Wes Cravens has nothin' on you! That's pretty eerie! I've never had the bus dream, just the weird feeling that I didn't want anything hanging over the side of the bed.

Entropy said...

Good grief! I'm gonna have nightmares for sure from your picture and :0)'s scary story. Sheesh!

mum6kids said...

Some weird fears there. But I have to say anyone who doesn't have a healthy fear of politicians is someone I would be afraid of.

Ma Beck said...

Crap, that picture is scary.

My feet got grabbed by something once in my parents' house.
To this day, they are kept UNDER the covers, no matter how freaking hot it is.

Terry Nelson said...

Monica - wwell, actually, they are behind the couch - but after seeing the picture - they are under the bed now. I'm not sure where Vicenzo fits into all of this? LOL!

swissmiss said...

Sorry to scare everyone :)

If your story is true, then I'm NEVER going to let my feet or arms hang over the bed again. YIKES!

Vincenzo did the post about the Zombie Apocalypse because you're DEAD and he's gently trying to get you to realize it. Self-actualize, would ya!

Dymphna said...

Golly! Where did that picture come from?

swissmiss said...

I'm glad to say it's not from my home! I think I googled "under the bed" and this is what came up.