14 January 2008

Prayers please

Please keep my son in your prayers. This fall he will be either starting Kindergarten as a homeschooler or will be attending a public school.

This particular public school we are considering is very good and teaches the way I would for homeschool and uses the curriculum I would (more or less). However, last year there were 40 Kindergartners, 32 of which got in to the school because of "sibling preference," meaning they had an older sibling who attends and for that reason they are allowed priority over other students. The eight remaining slots were determined by lottery from the pool of applicants. In this case, there were about 110 applicants for those eight spots. Sooo, the odds aren't good that my son will get in.

My husband and I are very torn about what to do. We have planned to homeschool before my son was even born, but this latest option is very appealing but with incredible odds of getting in. I'd appreciate any prayers.



Anonymous said...

Swiss Miss,

I will pray for you. It is a tough decision to make. My children go to Nova Classical Academy and we like it. God Bless,


swissmiss said...

If you were to "adopt" my son, then he could get sibling preference!!

It is really hard to decide since we have planned forever to homeschool, but then came Nova. We have gone to their open houses practically every year since they opened and just went to one over the weekend. We really like the school, but the odds of getting in are almost like winning the Power Ball! My son is bright, but is lacking in maturity in some respects (attention span). Don't know if he could survive Nova, but then he may rise to it too. Then, tonight I have a homeschool coop meeting where I had planned to join. Everything is so up in the air and fluid right now that it's hard to plan. At least Nova will do their lottery this month or early next month, so we won't have to wait too long to hear. If he doesn't get in, then I'm right back on track with homeschooling. Just stressful right now!

Appreciate any prayers...thank you!

tara said...

Praying, praying, praying! Having the correct learning environment can make such a difference in a childs life!

Cathy_of_Alex said...