02 January 2008

The local friendly library

My tax dollars at work actually worked this time...

I went crazy reserving a few items. But, was happy to find...surprise! surprise!

Into great silence
[videorecording] = Le grand silence = Die grosse Stille / Philip Gröning

I have been wanting to see this video for some time. The St. Paul library has five copies and there are six holds...I'm six of six.

Also, some other items I have reserved...

Bleak house
[videorecording]/by Charles Dickens; a BBC, WGBH Boston co-production

Jane Eyre
[videorecording] / BBC; WGBH Boston; produced by Diederick Santer; writer, Sandy Welch

and T is for trespass
[book] Sue Grafton
I'm only 156 of 160 on the hold list.


Vincenzo said...

"Into great silence
[videorecording] = Le grand silence = Die grosse Stille / Philip Gröning"

I keep forgetting to rent that! Thanks for the reminder. I'm adding it to my queue now.

Angela M. said...

Happy New Year!
I am mothballing the old blog and the new one is here:


Shell Thinking Love, No Twaddle said...

Into Great Silence is stunning. I must buy it.

Adrienne said...

Welcome back - you've been missed.

I can't wait to see Into Great Silence.

Re: you gratitude post - don't forget to be grateful for good music at church. We were just blessed with a rendition of O Sanctissima accompanied by electric bass and a strumming guitar.

swissmiss said...

The last time I complained about "O Brother Where Art Thou" you were on the other side of the argument :) The following week the choir at that parish sang "This Little Light of Mine." By then, I couldn't physically, mentally or spiritually take it any more and we went back to St. Agnes for the renowned top-notch music!

Whoever the patron saint of parish music is needs to get busy and get rid of the 60s music with guitar.

Anonymous said...

Swiss Miss,

Glad to hear that the movie "Into the Silence" is owned by the SPPL. I got the latest Sue Grafton book for Christmas. It was good but hard to read due to the aspects of elder abuse. I cannot wait for the next book in the series!



swissmiss said...

I was reserving Sue Grafton's book and just thought I'd check to see if Into Great Silence was there, never really expecting it to be and lo and behold, it was!!!

This is the second time the library has shocked me recently. I currently have checked out "How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization" by Thomas Woods, Jr. I was surprised to find that one too.