03 June 2009

For everything, turn...

...turn, turn. And a time for getting cooties.

My daughter attends a program in the school district for children with speech delays. She's the only girl in her class. Earlier in the year she had been talking about her friend, we'll call him Jonah (not his real name, but he has a good Old Testament name). Many days she'd come home and I'd ask how school was and I'd get the reply, "I played with Jonah."

But, it seems Jonah has been kicked to the curb and now my daughter has a new friend (this friend has another OT name...go figure, this is the PUBLIC school system) that she is always talking about.

Let's call this friend Aaron. Last night we attended an ice cream social at the school and got to meet Aaron and his family. My daughter and Aaron were so cute together -- chasing each other around the gym and really enjoying each other's company (of course, Aaron was the one doing the chasing). Turns out Aaron's family was eager to meet us too, because, well, Aaron talks about my daughter all the time.

He's an older man, being all of four. My daughter is three.

Right now, it's all cute and sweet. But, I'm wondering when the "Boys have cooties" stage will hit, with the whole eye-roll thing and "the look" that mom just isn't cool.

I'm not sure if I want the cootie stage to be soon or down the road, because coming right after this stage will be the serious boyfriend stage.

Now might be a good time to start praying more earnestly for my children. Good thing St. Philomena is our family's patron. Not only is she a miracle worker, she's the patron of youth (chastity and virtue). Score!

If this school year is any indication (since my daughter will probably attend this program next year too), I think we will be keeping St. Philomena busy!

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