09 June 2009

The matter with antimatter

Holy bosons, Batman!

The Catholic Church isn't the only entity portrayed inaccurately in Angels and Demons. Seems CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, was compelled to create a website and an exhibition to address the author's factually challenged work.

From CERN'S website:
In the intense heat of the Big Bang, particles of matter were forged out of pure energy. But for every particle of matter created, a 'twin' was also born - an 'antiparticle' identical in mass but with opposite electric charge.

For the first few instants of its existence the Universe was balanced, with matter and antimatter created in equal abundance. Then just one second after the Big Bang, the antimatter had all but disappeared, together with almost all the matter, leaving a minute amount of matter alone to form everything that we see around us – from the stars and galaxies, to the Earth and all life that it supports.

In Angels & Demons, a canister is stolen from a secret laboratory at CERN. It contains one gram of antimatter and is to be used as a devastating weapon. But what is antimatter? Is it real? Is it dangerous? In this section you can discover the science of antimatter for yourself.

Check out Mark Shea's electronic book on the inaccuracies related to the Catholic Church (requires registration to download.)


Anonymous said...

The film seems to have gone off like a damp sqib over here in the UK. Hope Tom Hanks got loads of money 'cuz films like that don't do your career any favours.
Sadly a lot of people WILL be taken in with all this.

Hasanuddin said...

Actually, I like the fact that people are talking about antimatter.

I take issue when the article says, "Then just one second after the Big Bang, the antimatter had all but disappeared,"
The problem is that this statement is neither proven or based on data from observation.

Paradoxically to this "traditional rote" statement there exists a massive antimatter cloud (MAC) encapsulating the Milky Way's central supermassive black-hole. See http://www.esa.int/esaSC/SEMKTX2MDAF_index_0.html

I am an "expert" in this field and am advancing a model based on gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter. Naturally, the new model infringes on preexisting theory. Although it is quite incompatible with some yet-to-be-verified hypotheses, it is in complete accordance and agreement with what is observed both naturally and experimentally. The battle over turf and models is now boiling.