23 June 2009

The playdate

My kids have had playdates before. It's nothing new. However, my daughter, who is three, is kind of shy, I think brought about because of her speech delay. She mostly hangs on the sidelines. In fact, at one kind homeschooling mom's house, my daughter stood outside the boys' bedroom while her brother was in playing instead of hanging with the girls in the family. She's kind of attached to her brother, mostly because he's familiar.

Today, however, her friend from school came over. She's the only girl in her class, so yes, her friend is a boy.

It was very sweet as the other mom and I walked to the park behind our kids, who were holding hands the whole way there, pretty much oblivious to the rest of the world. Both of them seem to really come alive when the other one is around. It's nice to see my daughter respond so well to another kid who isn't her own brother!

They played together wonderfully and had a great time. Swings, sand, slide, you name it. For a moment my daughter and her friend stood at the side of the playground looking wistfully off into the trees, her friend with his arm around my daughter.

As the other mom said, "Precious."

The innocence at this age is so tender.

May her Guardian Angel always be close and protect her.

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