04 June 2009

Some days...

it seems like a good idea to be a hermit monk.

Although I would prefer a cave as opposed to a pole.

One wonders what non-Catholics think of these ancient stylite monks. I hate to say it, but since one of my aunts has a booth at the state fair, they look like Monks-on-a-stick.

Don't tell me you didn't think that too.

St. Simeon Stylites lived on top of his pole for 37 years. That's almost my entire life. Not an easy form of asceticism or an easy one to relate to, except some days when this type of thing seems like a blessed vacation.


Terry Nelson said...

I always wonder if they may have had some sort of shelter up there - like the Trajan's column in Rome and the Napoleon column in Paris.

mum6kids said...

They ARE monks on a stick really I s'pose hehehe. Anyway I wish I could live up there sometimes.
But I have no balance-even on teh ground!