30 June 2009

Mary's House

Here's the deal. I'm on slow dial-up so I haven't really listened to this video myself. Also, my speakers are working intermittently and even if I wait nearly an hour for the video to download, I can't tell if the sound is of good quality.

I heard James Kilbane sing this on EWTN and was struck by it since we had visited Ephesus and Our Lady's house in Selcuk several years ago (BC...before children). All I remember is that Our Lady's house was so humble and so small. And, how the Muslim women had such a devotion to the Blessed Mother, much more reverent and respectful than the garish tourist group we were with.

The video also shows the final resting place of St. John, which is in the ruins of his church in Selcuk not too far from Our Lady's house.

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