18 June 2010

Category: Can you spare a dime?

This group set up an early banking system across Europe. They allowed non-members to deposit money with them, issuing letters of credit. Travellers could visit a facility belonging to this group in their home country, depositing their deeds and valuables. They were then given a letter which would describe their holdings. While traveling, they could present the letter along the way, to "withdraw" funds from their account. This kept the travellers safe since they were not carrying valuables.

St. Alex says, please place your answer in the form of a question in the combox, and say a few Hail Marys for this last week of the Year for Priests while you wait for the answer to be revealed.

Demerits for using Google and other sneaky searches. Educated guesses are welcome and encouraged. Good luck!!

The first correct answer in the form of a question wins the highly coveted WKJ ribbon to display on your blog, cubicle or refrigerator door.

Thanks, Vincenzo, for the updated design:


Chris said...

Who are the Knights Templar?

swissmiss said...

You are so quick!! YOU GOT IT!!! Congrats, Chris!! You win the inestimately desirable WKJ award

I may have to do another one. Have to think of somethin'