21 June 2010

Smatterings on Monday

With Vacation Bible School this week, things will be pretty busy and blog posts limited. Add to that music and guitar lessons for my son, along with meetings nearly every night this week. I hope to at least limp across the finish line on Friday.

This weekend we were at a high school graduation. Of course, the kids were off playing with the small group of other kids that were there.

We had been there about an hour when the new little playmate of my daughter's came running up to me. She was very intent on talking to me. Her reaction was beginning to make me wonder if my daughter had been mean to her.

"Are you her Mommy?" she demanded, pointing to my daughter. I told her I was. "Does she live just with you?"

I gently had to explain to this little four year-old, who obviously lived with only her mother, that my daughter did live with both parents and even her brother. Then I didn't know what more to say, since with kids, you answer the question and don't expound on things as you risk confusing them or harming their innocence. In this case, the already not-so-innocent awareness of a four year-old.

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belinda said...

So very sad. Heart breaking.