10 June 2010

It's the time of the season for loving...

VBS - Vacation Bible School

Some of you may remember the fun I had a few summers ago teaching the Kindergarten VBS. Had it not been for the two other teachers, the ship would've sunk. No permanent damage to the children has been observed.

Last year I was sick and in no shape to help out. But, I'm back in the saddle this summer. The nuns will be teaching the program for all the grades and I get to be a trusty assistant.

I'm excited that we will be learning about the very cool St. Joseph of Cupertino:
Joseph of Cupertino had trouble learning to read and write. The world thought him to be a failure. However, Joseph rose above the world. His love for God was so deep that the power of the Holy Spirit lifted him up time and time again.
Witnesses came from far and wide to see Joseph hover near the ceiling of a church, floating over a religious procession, or on the branch of a tree. Read this amazing story of a saint whose great love for God could not keep him down.

Sign Up. Bring the Kids!!!

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