22 June 2010

Half way there

Sister joked this morning when she saw me that I returned for another day of Vacation Bible School.

Here's our crew.

With it being so hot this week, I'm glad I'm not in a habit. One upside, this year they have special snacks for the teachers. I think it's meant as a bribe. No animal crackers for this gal.


belinda said...

Miss Swiss, You would love me because I always bring fine quaility snacks and desserts to these kind of functions and I always share. But now I've created a monster and am called upon to make stuff often.

swissmiss said...

Yesterday it was so hot and they had lemonade...I was so thankful for just a glass of lemonade!!!

My aunt has a similar problem to yours, she's a great cook and every time there is a funeral at her parish, she has to bring something, usually a dessert.

belinda said...

It's true, everytime someone dies I have to come up with a cake. I don't mind though.

My son began to dig into one of the chocolate cakes I had sitting on the cabinet when I screamed,"Noooo, that cake is for a dead guy!" My son walked away crest fallen and a little grossed out.

Lisa said...

Oh--and I thought this was a photo of your meeting of the women's argument of the month planning committee! :)

Nan said...

I assumed special treats for the teachers would at least include a pitcher of martinis. For each of you.

Anonymous said...

Men are verboten...except speakers. Equal opportunity discrimation just like the men's group.

I almost brought in a "spirited" water bottle, but they stopped short of providing alcohol to us.

Anonymous said...

The last comment was mine, Swissy's, as anonymous...not logged in to this computer in the deep woods of WI.