23 June 2007

I think I'll try a Meme

Ray at Stella Borealis - Northland Catholic posted a Meme a few days ago. He didn't really tag anyone, but since I am dead tired and don't have much time, I thought I would do this Meme since I, at least, kinda, sorta, know the answers to this.

Here are the rules: Share four things that were new to you in the past four years. Four things you learned or experienced or explored for the first time in the past four years. Then share four things you want to try new in the next four years.

Things that are new in the last four years
1. Kids and all that comes with them. Joy, tears, no sleep, diapers, my life is no longer my own!, smiles, goofy things, unexpected things, more joy.
2. Not working. Here's where I admit that I'm now a 40-something. I worked all my life, put myself through college, worked and worked, and now I'm not working...at least not working for pay. I work a LOT, just not in the same way. Stay-at-home moms supposedly are worth a zillion dollars. Actually, it's something like $138K.
3. Blogging, duh.
4. Being more active in my faith and spiritual life. I joined a bible study and have made conscious efforts to move forward with devotions, more frequent confession, adoration, etc.
5. Sorry, had to add this one. I started reading. No, I wasn't illiterate, maybe a bit ignorant in some respects! I just never enjoyed reading. I always had to be "doing" something, not sitting still. Maybe that's why I liked engineering and math...you're always solving problems instead of exclusively reading. I don't like movies because I can't sit still that long. My sweet husband and I are complete opposites in this regard. He is a poster child for Slugs on a Couch, if he's allowed!! No, I'm not saying he's lazy. Nothing of the sort, just that our leisure time pursuits are very different!

Things I would like to try in the next four years
1. I would like to finish my Masters in Engineering, but since I'm not working and don't have my employer to sponge off, I'm stuck. We can't afford the tuition. We can't even afford the books. Plus, I just don't know how I'd manage to do it with the kids. How do people manage to do grad school with kids? Amazing. I took a few classes with a lady who just had a baby and was taking a heavier courseload than I was!
2. Joining a chant group or the like. I can't really sing, but I'd still like to find out more about it. I am pretty musically inclined, just don't have a great voice, not even in the shower.
3. Adopting. Still mulling it over. Maybe a subject of a future post.
4. I would like to try something I don't even foresee. Things change so quickly that I am sure something will come along. I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none since I try many things but don't stick with much for a long period of time, other than genealogy. Genealogy is definitely something I have done for many years now. Once I get proficient at something I tend to tire of it. Must be that I watched too much TV as a child or something. Too much sun, too much candy?

Seeing as most of the people who read this blog don't leave comments (do ya think I bite?), I wonder if they would come out of the shadows and leave their own meme in the comments section! Novel idea! You can do it anonymously. I won't hunt you down or report you to the authorities. Otherwise, anyone who really wants to be tagged is officially tagged.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


fertlmertl said...

Hi there. Even before I saw your pouting re: "nobody leaves comments", I was going to comment that yours is one of the blogs I look at now. Maybe it's because you're from MN like me, or maybe because we're both engineers--well, I am in name only really. But maybe it's becuase you have brilliant posts :) Actually, I'm jealous of people like you who have way more information and thought provoking analyses on their blogs, it's just not in me to be posting or fixing my blog at 2am when I actually have 5 minutes of free time before the baby wants to nurse again.

Nice to "meet" you.
PS I got here from my sis's blog -Laura.


swissmiss said...

Thank you for the comment! Now I can stop my lip from quivering ;}
Brilliant posts? Thanks! Wow! I read a few other blogs and don't even venture into their "territory" since they are so smart and articulate. In my first post, I talked about how I'm not a very good apologist and don't know my faith very well. I don't really feel qualified to talk about much, so have to resort to my own experiences.
I am an EINO now too (engineer in name only), unless I qualify for the title of domestic engineer.